New on Shout! Factory TV in February 2017

[youtube] MDA Telethon Presents Watch incredible musicians take the stage in The Best of Classic R&B, and Grammy-Winning Artists. Mystery Science Theater 3000 Laugh along with the Satellite of Love crew as they watch fan favorite episodes Jack Frost and Time Chasers.


Antibirth and My Little Pony (New Releases 2/7/17)

Antibirth “… one of the year’s most original horror films.” – Simon Abrams, Hard-drinking, pill-popping, bong-ripping Lou (Natasha Lyonne, Orange Is The New Black) and her best friend Sadie (Chloë Sevigny, #Horror, Love & Friendship) spend their days adrift in a druggy haze. But one wild night out becomes a bad trip that never…